Kestaşmak - KESTAŞMAK




Different, useful and high quality: It is a summary of our success story since we revealed our first product in 1999.

With the understanding of production, which takes quality in the first hand, Kestasmak-Setas Metal serves the construction and dormitory sectors. In the sectors we serve, we are successfully moving forward with the objectives of terminating our country’s dependence on foreign countries, expand ng the product range by developing better products, and providing solutions that will increase the efficiency of our customers.

Our h highly skilled, dedicated team has vast experience in sourcing, buying, product design, interior design, and product technology. We are proud to offer exceptional products and outstand ng customer service.

By adopting customer satisfaction on at all times, SETAS GROUP will continue to provide permanent services without sacrificing the reliable and stable structure it has acquired, by giving guarantee and instant service assurance.