KESTAŞMAK Flex Screens with woven bands and polyurethane bands


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With the understanding of production, which takes quality in the first hand, Kestasmak-Setas Metal serves the construction and dormitory sectors. In the sectors we serve, we are successfully moving forward with the objectives of terminating our country’s dependence on foreign countries, expand ng the product range by developing better products, and providing solutions that will increase the efficiency of our customers.

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Anti-Clogging Mining Screens

Types of Anti-Clogging Mining Screens

The anti-clogging screen surfaces are composed of wavy wires arranged side by side. It can be examined as 5 types of non-clogging screens.


Steel Woven Wire Screen Meshes

Steel woven wire screen meshes manufactured by knitting from high carbon steel wire are produced in various types, wire diameter and mesh aperture.


Polyurethane Screen Panels

Polyurethane screens panels, which are produced in certain hardness degrees as resistant to abrasion, tear, etc., can work in a wide temperature range.


KESTAŞMAK serves you with an excellent service understanding by combining its experience and success in the sector with the concepts of "quality, service and sustainability".

European Self-Cleaning Flex Screen Meshes
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Self-Cleaning Flex Screens

The flexible anti-clogging screens made of steel or chrome wires, which are heat treated and have high resistance to abrasion, provide a very long life.


304 or 316 Degree Stainless Steel Woven Wire Screen Meshes

Stainless Steel Chr ome-Nickel Screens are produced according to the appropriate wire thickness and mesh size.


Price Offer for Mining Screens

You can send us the request form for all types of woven or self-cleaning screen mesh price offers produced with special machines in accordance with the standards and with a long life.