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Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen

Applications of Vibrating Screen
Screening: screening is to divide the granular and powder materials into different particle size groups. A single vibrating screen can be matched to 4 screens, which can conduct continuous separation of 2-5 particle sizes with narrow particle size range and control;
Screen out of impurities: during the high flow process of extreme performance screening machine, it can quickly remove large or small slurry residue particles. Vibrating screen can quickly remove all kinds of soluble solid materials in the slurry, and continuously screen the slag.
The movement of vibrating screen is round, and the series has a total of forty kinds of specifications. It can be used for the classification of materials in coal, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industry.

Advantage of Vibrating Screen
1. Sieving high frequency, small amplitude, high efficiency.
2. The moisture content of the material requirements low.
3. High efficiency, large capacity.
4. With eccentric block as exciting force, strong exciting force.


The vibrating screen is mainly composed of screen box, vibration exciter, suspension (or support) device and motor, etc. The motor drives the main shaft of the exciter to rotate through the V-belt, and the screen box vibrates due to the centrifugal inertia force of the unbalanced weight on the exciter. Different amplitudes can be obtained by changing the eccentric axis of the exciter.

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