Spiral Sand Washing Machine,Spiral Sand Washing Machine
Spiral Sand Washing Machine

Spiral Sand Washing Machine




Introduction of Spiral Sand Washing Machine
Spiral sand washing machine is suitable for construction sites, sand factory, hydro power station, concrete dam site, post and telegraph pole factory. The required users’ sand and casting with "70" sand, glass quartz sand, oil filling pressure sand washing, grading and dehydration. Sand washing machine according to 15° tilt arrangement, the lower of the water tank is composed of three side weir plates formed by sedimentation tank. Screw head not into the settling tank, spiral by motor through reducer drive continuous rotation, clean water into the porous plate from the bottom of the tank. This equipment has three functions: cleaning, dewatering, classify.



Application of Spiral Sand Washing Machine
Spiral Sand Washing Machine is suitable for washing and selecting, classifying, and trash-extracting in industries,such as sand factory, worksite of building and concrete, metallurgy, construction, water and electricity, etc. It is suitable for washing and selecting materials of mid-fine and rough granularity.

Features of Spiral Sand Washing Machine
1. Spirochetes is long, good sealing system.
2. Simple structure, strong processing ability.
3. Sand withlow water content, low mud content.
4. Reasonable structure, convenient maintenance.


When the sand washing machine is working, the motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly after decelerating through the triangle belt, reducer and gear. The sand enters the washing tank with the feed tank, rolls under the drive of the impeller, and grinds with each other to remove the impurities covering the surface of the sand, and destroys the water vapor layer covering the sand particles, so as to facilitate dehydration; meanwhile, add water to form a strong water flow, and timely remove the impurities and small specific gravity The foreign matters are taken away and discharged from the overflow outlet washing tank to complete the cleaning function. The clean sand is taken away by the blade, and then the sand is poured into the discharge chute from the rotating impeller to complete the cleaning function of the sand.


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