Production of Self-Cleaning Mining Screen,Production of Self-Cleaning Mining Screen, Anti-clogging screen
Production of Self-Cleaning Mining Screen

Production of Self-Cleaning Mining Screen

Why should Kestaşmak be preferred in Non-Blocking Screen Wire Production?

  • By removing standard screen mesh lock-up points, anti-clogging screen mesh is thinner, by this means it has better screening capability and abrasion-resistant because the friction level is minimal.
  • 30% more capacity than woven wire
  • Polyurethane bands over the screening surface area exposed to maximum friction. But these polyurethane bands have an almost unlimited life.
  • These vulcanized polyurethane bands constitute one unit with the warp yarns, thanks to this the friction be- tween fine particles and screens is prevented. And this prolongs screen mesh’s life.
  • This type of screen meshes prevents clogging of thin, moisture, or clayish materials.
  • Decreases or almost prevents clogging of the screen meshes by overlapping of the materials.
  • It increases the productivity of small scale vibrating screens.
  • It allows screening of corrosive thin materials and ensures wearing resistance.
  • To ensure functionality and long life, polyurethane bands must come down on the vertical and horizontal carriers.
  • Anti-clogging screen meshes must be tensioned.
  • High performance and excellent self-cleaning, longer wear-life
  • This design also ensures decreasing in the tension of wires, thanks to this the screen becomes more flexible and the quality of vibratiıng increases.

Example: Aperture-Wire Diameter-Open Area


Aperture [mm]

Wire Diameter [mm]

Open Area [%]

3 mm

1,8 mm


4 mm

2 mm


4,5 mm

2 mm


5 mm

2 mm


5,5 mm

2 mm


7 mm

2,2 mm


10 mm

3 mm



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